Bullfighting in Madrid Las Ventas Bullring.
Bullfighting is one of the national celebrations of Spain. In the arena, called “albero”, the bullfighter confronts the bull, a symbol of fury and strength, and risking his life, he dominates the bull and, finally, kills it with a sword.
The nobleness of the fight, the fierceness of the bull, and the courage of the bullfighter have inspired many worldwide artists. Bullfighters are treat like heroes and artist, heroes because they are able to fight a breve bull, and because the way the bullfighters, also called matador or torero, moves coordinated with the bull in a very risky and magical show.

Madrid - Bullfight august 2017

Madrid - Bullfight October 2017

Madrid - bullfight september 2017

bullfight september 2017

Madrid - July 2017

Madrid - June 2017

Madrid - San Isidro 2017

San Isidro 2017

Bullfighting tickets in Madrid for the most important bullfighting Festival in Spain, San Isidro 2017, 31 days with a bullfight every day . These bullfights are held in Las Ventas Madrid Bullring.

This is the most exciting experience in Madrid City during May and June. The average assitante is more that 90% of the seats. Half of the days, tickets are sold out.

It is hard to get tickets because most of the 24.000 seats make part of season tickets. Our agency has more than 120 season tickets, in the best places: Tendidos 9 and 10 in the shade, Tendido 3 in the Sun/Shade area, Tendido 7 in the sunny section.

Madrid - Bullfight May 2017

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