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Madrid Bullfight 1 June 2018

Madrid Bullfight 1 June 2018. San Isidro Festival

19:00 PM. Madrid Bullfight 1 June 2018 in Las Ventas Bullring (madrid Bullring)

Toros de Victoriano del Río/Toros de Cortés para Sebastián Castella, José María Manzanares y Cayetano

Available Price Tickets
VIP Seat in Balcony catering service included 23 186,00€
Sombra Rows 5 and 6 79,00€

VIP ticket in a balcony, with catering included, more info below.

* The service is dispensed from one hour before the event and until the end of the bullfight.

This product includes
• Access to the balcony.
• Hostesses and waiters service.
• Catering service.
• Free drinks.

Drinks and snacks included.
BULLFIGHT 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Catering service provided by the Mallorca company, up to 12 different references, salty and sweet.

Balconies are located in the shade (sombra), at the same height as the presidential balcony and the Palco Real. With padded seats, seats are protected from the rain. There are 23 seats in a balcony. Tickets can be bought individually


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