Madrid bullfight tickets – Tickets for bullfighting in Madrid Las Ventas

Madrid bullring, the most important bullring in Spain.
Tickets for bullfighting in Madrid here

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Buy tickets for Madrid Bullring in 5 steps:

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Madrid bullfight | Tickets Madrid bullring Las Ventas.

Tickets for bullfighting in Madrid.

Bullfighting in Madrid is one of the more exciting experiences you can live in Spain. The most famous toreros and the bravest bulls come to Madrid Bullring Las Ventas every year. Madrid bullring Las Ventas is the most important bullring in the world. That is why getting tickets for bullfighting in Madrid is sometimes so hard.

Madrid bullfight | Tickets Madrid bullring. The core of bullfighting season is San Isidro Bullfighting Festival, called Feria de San Isidro.

During 31 days, a bullfight is celebrated every day at 7 in the evening. Getting tickets for bullfighting in Madrid during San Isidro Festival is difficult because 18.000 of the 24.000 seats make part of season tickets. Only through agencies as booking tickets for Madrid Bullfight during San Isidro is possible and secure. We are entitled to sell in advanced our more than 120 season tickets.

The bullfighting season in Madrid continues after San Isidro Festival. A bullfight takes place in Plaza de Toros de Madrid every sunday untill October 12th, the spanish National Day. In October, you can assist to the second important Fair, called Feria de Otoño. 34 or 5 bullfights make part of this importan bullfighting Festival. As season tickets must be renovated in Feria de Otoño, season tickets holders must renovate their abonos. That is why once again, getting tickets for bullfights in Madrid during Autumn Fair is difficult. sells tickets for Madrid and Sevilla Bullring. If looking for other bullring, visit Mastertoro

We deliver the tickets at office in Madrid.

It is located in 4, Villafranca Street, 150 meters away from the bullring.

See map on the right, we are at the back side of the bulring.

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