Autumn Fair 2017 confirmed. Tickets available

autumn fair 2017

autumn fair 2017

The Fair of Autumn 2017 has three more major celebrations, compared to 2016. It is the bet of the new manager for a cycle that has potential to increase the number of bullfights. In addition, Simón Casas has devised a breeders Challenge that will take place in September and consists of three bullfights in which two breeders grazing in each one. The third challenge is included in the Fair of Autumn, which adds a bullfight from horseback and the novillada.
The second appearance of Antonio Ferrera, one of the most striking bullfighters of the current season, and who cut an ear in San Isidro 2017 stands out. Other winners of San Isidro as Juan del Álamo, López Simón, Sebastián Castella, Miguel Angel Perera, Paco Ureña, Morenito de Aranda and Joselito Adame will also be present. Roman, who opened the Puerta Grande on August 15; Ivan Vicente, who walked an ear in the June bullfight; And Alberto Aguilar, who cut ear last year; Along with the confirmation of Luis David Adame, who recently debuted successfully in San Sebastian, complete the proper names of the Fall Fair 2017.

In the novillada will act the most important novilleros of the ladder. Jesús Enrique Colombo is the revelation of the season in this ladder thanks to his debut in Las Ventas that led him to be a winner in San Isidro. It occupies the second position of the ladder. The fourth in the ranking is Leo Valadez who was greeted at his presentation this year. Complete the cartel Carlos Ochoa, coming from the School of Bullfighting of the Community of Madrid José Cubero “Yiyo” in which will be his presentation. The initiative to add a bullfight from horsebacks will face two of the best rejoneadores, winners of San Isidro 2017, such as Sergio Galán and Leonardo Hernández.

The breeders Challenge will feature veteran bullfighters who will be experts in different canals. Four encastes in three bullfights in which stand out the fair outside of Gómez del Pilar, ear in 2017; Rubén Pinar, ear in Pamplona this year; And Pérez Mota, ear in 2016. Challenges will be held on Sundays, starting on September 10. Before, the bullfighting schedule is completed with a novillada of San Martín the 3 of September.

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