Bullfighting during pandemy

This is to confirm why there are no bullfights listed on our webpage.

1.- In Madrid, during 2020, all bullfights were cancelled due to the restrictions.

2.- Some bullfights were announced in the second half of 2020, but all of them were cancelled in the last momment.

3.- Many bullfigths have been announced for May 2021. Actually, an entire festival was planned for May 2021. It is supossed to take place in the Plaza de Toros de Vistalegre (different than the famous Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas).

4.- As most of our customers come from abroad, we want to be very cautelous. Because we aren´t sure 100% that, because of the COD-19 crisis, these bullfights will take place; we will not sell any tickets for May 2021.

5.- We hope the situation will be close to normal in October 2021. In Autumn 2021, yes, we will sell tickets for all events, after they are scheduled.


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