This is a Las Ventas ticket guide.

The fist step is buying the tickets before the bullfight at madridbullfight
The second step is picking up the tickets at our office (the same day of the bullfight), remember that you need the physical ticket to enter in the bullring (copys or duplicates are not valid).

I’ve bought the tickets online several days before the bullfight, isn’t it confortable?. It´s the day of the bullfight and before the bullfight i pick up my ticket at Madridbullfight office, and now i look at my ticket and… a little help would be fine.

This is a 2015 modified ticket and an explanation of the ticket’s fields, from the top to the bottom:

1.- Date of the bullfight (day -mont-year)
2.- Starting time
3.- bullfight type (corrida de toros/bullfight, corrida de rejones/bullfight on horseback, novillada/novillada…)
4.- Section: sombra/shade, sol-sombra/shade-sun or sol/sun
5.- Section: tendido number. Las Ventas bullring is divided in 10 tendidos.
6.- Row/fila and
7.- nº (seat number)
8.- Gate/puerta: Entrance gate suggested. Inside the bullring threre is a corridor that conect the tendidos so it’s not big deal entering by any gate.

Madrid bullfight ticket

Madrid bullfight ticket explanation

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